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Guide to family activities in Drôme Provençale



Cascades du Sautadet

Sautadet waterfalls

La Ferme aux Crocodiles


Village du Barry


Les Ocres de Roussillon


Bambouseraie d'Anduze


Safari de Peaugres


Parc Avenue

Parc Avenue

Acrobranche - Marsanne


Mountains and Hiking

Le Mont Ventoux


La Lance


A raw and spectacular site
close to a superb village

Also worth seeing: Les marmites de Géant

Over a distance of 470 metres, the Cèze has cut his way violently through the limestone massif that blocked his free flow.
Over a height difference of 8 to 10 metres, the course of the Cèze is punctuated by bubbling waterfalls, alveolar cavities carved into the rock known as "marmites de géants" and, finally, an area where the waters of the river widen and slow down, known as a canyon.
The Sautadet waterfalls are hidden away in a valley near the small village of La Roque sur Cèze.

A site unique in Europe
An 8,000 m² tropical greenhouse

Crocodiles, turtles and other reptiles...

La Ferme aux Crocodiles is a private zoological park covering 8,000 m² where you can see over 350 specimens of crocodiles and turtles.
As well as being a tourist attraction, the farm also breeds crocodiles for various zoos and for scientific purposes.
Inaugurated in July 1994, this site, the only one of his kind in Europe, allows the species to thrive in a tropical climate in a greenhouse heated by hot water from the Tricastin nuclear power station.

Primitive caves gradually
transformed into dwellings!

A village inhabited until the last century…

In the commune of Bollène, in the Haut-Vaucluse, the site of the village of Barry is one of the most remarkable examples of a troglodyte village.
The houses on the hillside were inhabited from prehistoric times to the 19th century.
A large family room opening onto several alcoves, a sink next to the fireplace marking out the "kitchen area", a shelter for the pig outside...
The undeniable quality of this dwelling is that it is an ideal shelter from the mistral wind.

A unique geological site
An unmissable tourist attraction

To visit: other villages in the Lubéron...

The variety of ochre and his colours have attracted artists and tourists alike. The Luberon offers 3 types of tourism: Firstly, historical and cultural tourism, based on the rich heritage of the hilltop villages and festivals.
Secondly, there is leisure tourism, with a wide range of events such as Provençal markets.
Finally, there's green tourism, with the Luberon's many footpaths and protected setting.

Magic and exoticism!
The only bamboo forest in Europe

+ The Haribo sweets factory and shop

Created in 1856, this park invites you to discover more than 150 varieties of bamboo, as well as hundred-year-old sequoias, banana trees, rare plants and the dragon's valley.
You'll discover the bamboo village, the greenhouses with their multicoloured flowers, the water garden and his gentle way of life.
This magnificent park is located in the commune of Générargues, next to Anduze, and has made the region famous the world over. Créé en 1856, ce parc vous invite à découvrir dans un cadre grandiose plus de 150 variétés de bambous, mais aussi des séquoias centenaires, des bananiers, des plantes rares, le vallon du dragon.
Vous découvrirez le village en bambous, les serres aux fleurs multicolores, le jardin aquatique et sa douceur de vivre.
Parc magnifique situé sur le territoire de la commune de Générargues, voisine d’Anduze, qui a fait la réputation de la région dans le monde entier.

Experience the thrills of Africa
in the heart of the Ardèche!

2 routes: on foot or by car

The Peaugres Safari is a zoological park located in Peaugres in the Ardèche, 10 km from Annonay.
It was created in 1974, and covers 80 hectares divided into two parks, one to be visited by car, the other on foot.
You can see around 800 animals of 120 different species.
The average visit takes 2 hours for the park on foot and around 3/4 of an hour for the park by car.
The park has disabled access and free parking.

The Ardèche theme park
offers shows and entertainment

Bring your swimsuit!

With family or friends, share a moment of relaxation in the heart of nature.
Leisure, adventure, discovery and games for children.
Aquatic area with swimming pool, paddling pool, slides and pentagliss, flight simulator, little train, inflatable games, ghost train, trampolines, mini farm, musical fountain...
10 minutes from Aubenas and Vals les Bains, towards Alès.
Entertainment and restaurants on site - Picnic area Shows, concerts.

In a 100% natural setting
Live like Tarzan or Indiana Jones

Climb the trees in complete safety!

Robin's Forest is a leisure area where families can move through the trees in a variety of workshops.
It offers visitors the chance to discover the flora and fauna from a particularly "high" point of view!
You'll move from tree to tree using carabiners, lanyards and pulleys.
Monkey bridges, rope ladders, zip wires and footbridges of all kinds provide a colourful way to get around.

Cycling, Snow sports, Hiking
We've got all kinds of sports!

Take on the highest peak in Provence!

Mont Ventoux is a peak that rises to 1,912 metres.
It is around 25 km long on an east-west axis and 15 km wide on a north-south axis.
Nicknamed the Giant of Provence or Mont Chauve, it´s the highest point in the Vaucluse mountains.
Before it was criss-crossed by three main roads, developing green tourism, cycling and winter sports, the mountain was criss-crossed by tracks laid out by shepherds and now transformed into hiking trails.

A raw, wild mountain
A hiking area to discover

Make sure you have suitable walking equipment!

The Lance mountain is located in the south of the Drôme Provençale, and is part of the Pre-Alps.
Its highest point is 1338 metres (Rocher Garaux).
In its broadest sense, the "Lance massif" includes the hills that border it, particularly on its southern front, which forms the boundary with the Tricastin plain.
Apart from a few flocks of grazing sheep, this is a 100% unspoilt natural site that is sure to delight keen hikers.